My name is Ramona. I’m sending this from my home in Strangetown to document my findings.

I’m a scientist, employed by Sunrise Inc. Officially we’re supposed to be researching better ways to support various neighbourhoods with green energy: wind turbines, more efficient solar panels, that sort of thing. Instead, we’ve been working on a different project that practically nobody knows about. Hell, I’m probably breaking about ten different security laws just by writing this. But people deserve to know. I’ve worked too long and hard on this project for it to stay locked in a journal until I die.


For the last few hundred years, I’ve been monitoring Strangetown. I’ve moved around the neighbourhood several times, but I’ve never truly left.


Everything I could ever want is right here: I’m in the middle of the desert, which gives me all the space and fresh air I need, and the wonderful local pool makes up for a beach. Plus, there’s a friendly little community right outside my front door.




We also have some more…unusual sights: a beautiful academy straight out of Shang Simla, a gorgeous nectary you used to only find in Champs Le Sims, but our crowning glory is the beautiful pyramid: its golden bricks glow like candlelight when the sun dips behind it.

If you’re marvelling at how genuine it looks, you’re not mistaken. Our superior transportation technology brought it here, all the way from Egypt, so that Strangetown would be the place no one ever wanted to leave. And that’s how they’re going to do it.





You all know how we managed to ruin the old world. Some of us played around with time too much, and a meteor-punctured, toxic dystopia was the result. Barely anyone could survive in it: the sky was a terrifying mustard yellow covered with smog-grey clouds. Underneath wasn’t much better: the air was so full of poison, people were dropping dead in the streets.

The meteor showers were the worst threat. Fireballs encasing white-hot stones hurtled down from the sky at least once a day, like we’d all pissed off a god by ruining their favourite toy, so we’d all burn in the fires of their rage in return. The meteors would obliterate anything in their path- houses, shops, even people. That was the catalyst for all this- one particularly bad shower hit the school right in the middle of the day.




God, it was awful: a storm of smoke, timber and flame, glowing like a deadly beacon of light. Hardly any of them got out: less than fifty in a school of two thousand. I remember standing at the window of my office building, hand clapped to my mouth as I watched the school burn, paralysed, yet unable to look away. We lost so many that day, it felt like we’d never recover.



How could you expect the children to, after attending the burial of their entire school? How could you expect parents to pass by the smoking crater on the way to work every day, and expect the memory to fade with time? The town was crumbling around us: we no longer had the funding or the manpower to rebuild much of anything. We were hurtling towards the end like an out of control car with the brake pedal cut. So we did the only thing we could


We started again.

Its been years in the making, but finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re building our own paradise, one carefully selected stone at a time. Sunrise Inc. stepped forward and hauled us out of the ashes. They hired the best and sharpest minds in the scientific community and brought them together to form Project Dawn. This involved building a new neighbourhood from scratch: every building, every shop, even the people have been carefully scrutinised, analysed and assessed before moving into Strangetown. It’ll be a fully populated town by the time we’re done, though admittedly, not for the most altruistic reasons.


The entire point of this utopia is to study it. We’re trying to look at human behaviour, human interaction, how the population copes, skill gain, things like that. It’s essentially one massive aquarium: a beautiful coral reef for our little fish to live in. We’ll give them everything they ever wanted, except the freedom of the sea. The only catch is, they need an inside perspective, so more fool me, I volunteered.



There’s not much you need to know about me. I’m twenty one years old. I’m an orphan, courtesy of a meteor strike when I was fifteen. I’m a university graduate, with a degree in Computer Science. I’m a redhead with an unfortunate taste for pink. I’m 5’7, an Aquarius, and enjoy taking robots apart with a screwdriver. I work for Sunrise Inc. on Project Dawn. Oh, and my assignment is to have one hundred children, then log the information for the world to see.


My name is Ramona Mallon, and this is my legacy.

Hey guys, welcome back! You might know my from the Laflamme legacy on my other blog, but Ramona’s challenge is my new project. A couple of things to start off: I’m going to be using a lot more mods and CC this time around, so once I have the first chapter done, I’ll be making a page linking and crediting all of the extra content, so you may snag it if you wish! Secondly, I am playing by these rules with one modification: Ramona will be the sole heir throughout, and all 100 children will be hers. I used to see this rule a lot a few years ago, and it’ll be more fun this way. I’ll also be making a boolprop thread, which I’ll link to next chapter.

Leave a comment or a subscription on your way out?

~ Viki.


2 thoughts on “Prologue

    • I’m using a custom world that I got from the Exchange, a Sims 3 build of Strangetown. If you go to the Mods and CC page, there’s a link to the download on there!


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