Chapter One- Five Minutes In and I’m Already Cheating

Welcome to the very first chapter of more Sim-filled madness. Once we get introductions out of the way, I’ll explain how this challenge is going to work.


So, here’s our founder! As you might have already guessed, this is Ramona Mallon, who is Neat, a Savvy Sculptor, Bot Fan and a Supernatural Sceptic who tends to be Frugal with money, which, all in all, make for an interesting mix. Her favourites are Beach Party, Potato and Truffle Torte, and Pink, which actually doesn’t look bad on her! Her Lifetime Wish is “Lifetime Collector,” which involves building a bunch of futuristic technology and maxing out the Advanced Technology skill…


And this is me cheating straight off the bat  her boyfriend from uni, Tiberius Willard, because I figured he might as well be good for something, and Ramona liked him. While we’re here, his traits are Socially Awkward, Good, Handy, Ambitious and Computer Whiz, with favourites of Latin, Hamburger and Lilac.

So, here’s how I’m playing this challenge:

  • Ramona will be the sole heir the entire way through.
  • I’m going to attempt the Ambrosia method, depending on what spawners this town has. If not, I’m using the Lifetime Reward.
  • I probably won’t age any of them up early apart from babies, because they’re boring.
  • YA’s will be kicked out immediately.

Alrighty, now that’s all done, on with the show!


Tiberius: “I wish the sun would always shine for you…it makes your eyes light up like a buttercup.”

Ramona: “God, you’re supposed to say you’ll take me to Paris or something. Buttercups?!”

Hey, you only have to put up with him for one chapter. Be grateful I’m not making you marry him.”

Ramona: “…That’s a lovely thought, Tib…may the sun always shine for you too?”


Tiberius: “Well, flowers bloom in sunlight, right?”

Ramona: “Oh God that £40 could have bought us food.”


Ramona: “They look good enough to eat…”


Tiberius: “So do you…”

Trust Mona to pick the creeper. Ah well. He’ll be one of many.


So while they’re busy, let’s have a look at the house. This is going to be the hallway that’ll eventually lead to the upper floor, but for now, the kids can sleep out here. They won’t care about sand and unpainted walls for a good ten years yet: hell, they’re lucky they HAVE walls.


So out Tib goes into the dangerous world of Strangetown. He didn’t even get to finish his degree, which I suppose is Ramona’s fault too.


I’m going to attempt this, as well: photos of all the fathers, plus a photo of each of the children once they hit YA.


Apparently Ramona got this gnome for graduating, and she grabbed a free poster out of the uni welcome kit because this house looks so empty right now.

Ramona: “Well if you hadn’t forgotten that you weren’t supposed to be building a legacy heir’s house and made me a box with one window like you were supposed to…”


Well, after Tiberius moved out, we got his stuff, which paid for wallpaper and carpet for the main room, at least. Plus you can see Ramona’s bedroom over to the right there.


I know we SHOULD be selling this, but the room’s too big. So we’re keeping it.


So now begins the boredom of waiting the founder do something towards the challenge.

Ramona: “You’ll be thankful when we save money on the maid.”

What maid?


Ramona: “Yes, because I’m going to be having so much free time.”

Well, you’re not doing anything right now, and you can’t afford Advanced Tech skill items, so get cleaning!


In hindsight, this probably should have been the blog header. It’s pretty accurate.


Ramona: “Since you’re sitting around doing nothing, can’t you make me food?”

Sure, here you go.


Ramona: “Wait, what?”



Ramona: “Not what I meant.”

What, it’s food, isn’t it?


I forgot why I took this one. Maybe because the colours blend together so well?


One of the best things about this map is the subway system: the neighbourhood is pretty spread out, so this saves on waiting times and lag!


Ramona: “Bloodstained but usable. Good enough for me. And all of this charred furniture- it’s my lucky day!”

Thank you for being such a nice, co-operative founder. I can hear Ashton shrieking all the way from 2012.


Ramona: “Well, since I’m wasting my Computer Science degree because I can’t go to work, I have to make money somehow. But picking flowers?”


It won’t get her any Gardening skill, but we can plant these later…


Breaking News: Woman Harvests Pumpkins. Strangetown must be pretty boring.


And we have confirmation of Baby Number One!


Clearly Baby Number One is a demon.


Ramona: “No, no rush at all…just need to grab my umbrella…”

Ramona: “…and run all the way up here…”

You could have just thrown up outside.


Ramona: “True. But hey, free shower.”


But yes, surprisingly, harvesting wild flowers is actually a great way to earn money for challenges like this. Thankfully they spawn daily on the festival grounds.


What good are coupons for lobster if you can’t afford to cook it?

Ramona: “Well, the newspaper doubles up as a blanket, so…”


Ramona: “Hey, y’know, I think I’m getting better at this cooking thing!”

Ten minutes later:


Ramona: “I’m STARVING, can’t I just eat those pumpkins?”

Nope. You want to save money, so you can’t afford another batch of pancakes.”


Ramona: “So since the library appears to have NO skill books, please tell me you have some for a discount?”

Clerk: “We have some widgets, a painting and some old nectar bottles!” 😀

Ramona: “Since I’m not allowed the wine, I think I’ll pass.”


Oh. Well that’s unfortunate.


Tiberius: “So I guess that means I’m not being moved back in?”

Ramona: “Sorry, a few ripped clothes and some dodgy make up isn’t going to get you a second date.”


Ramona: “I said NO, Tiberius! Stop playing dress up and go annoy someone else. It’s not even Halloween yet!”

I should have put you in Moonlight Falls…


I’m glad this challenge is moving along. It’s boring right now.

Ramona: “Thanks.”


Ramona: “Who the hell are you and why are you ringing my doorbell at one in the morning?”

???: “She’s PERFECT! Like a shining jewel!”


Ramona: “Oh wonderful. Another creeper.”

???: “No, not at all! My name is Tyron, and I heard about your experiment- I want to help.”

Ramona: “Uh, sure, I guess. Come back in a day or so.”


Tyron: “Okay, see ya!”

Ramona: “Ugh, I’m going to bed. Too tired for this.”

You might think I’m exaggerating, but this is exactly what happened. He turned up at 1, chatted for a minute, then left, so I decided he volunteered himself.


Wow this chapter is boring. Sorry. Enjoy Ramona’s cute hat and slipper combo.

Ramona: “What? Like I can afford heating.”


We’re on step closer to achieving immortality-

Ramona: “And no steps closer to my LTW!”


Ramona: “I think I’m handling this pretty well, don’t you think? It’s actually kind of easy-“


Ramona: “Oh okay. It’s not. Plus I think the baby just ate my hand.”

Our first born is Lucifer. Wonderful.


Thank God she’s not a multiple. I playtested this challenge a few times, and multiples are hell with one parent.


Don’t make a face. You’ll be hearing a lot more of that.


Ramona: “Oh well. My part’s done. I’m off to bed.”


Ramona: “Okay, I take it back: maybe this CAN be fun. BEWARE THE CLAW!”

Both their faces are a work of art. Baby Number One is Lucifer April (yes, I’m going with alphabet names, lets see which gender gets all 26 first!) who has the Athletic and Virtuoso traits, and favourites of Songwriter, French Toast and the colour Orange, which I’m ruthlessly exploiting because it matches her hair!

That’s all for now- the CC page is updated as well! Any comments before you leave?

~ Viki.


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