Notes From Project Dawn, Chapter Two- The Woes of Wooing Tyron

Welcome back!


The paparazzi have been standing outside, constantly ringing the doorbell in the hopes that Ramona will give them an interview. It’s a little pitiful, really.

Ramona: “Yeah, if they want to run a story on “How to Get Baby Sick Out of Carpets,” they can come in. Or maybe they’ll think “How to Make Three Day Old Clothes Look Clean,” is more interesting.”


Ramona: “Ah, my bed. Sweet, comfortable, clean bed. How I’ve missed you.”

Enjoy it for the next three or so hours. You have men to meet and toddlers to skill.


April’s sleeping in the cheap freebie university pyjamas because that’s all they can afford. Hence why Ramona’s decked out in her old uni gear.

Ramona: “Well there’s no point wasting perfectly good clothes, is there? Just a few stitches and alterations, a little fabric dye- good as new!”


She keeps getting silent calls. I like to think it’s Tiberius from beyond the grave.

Ramona: “Halloween was last week, Tib. Go home.”


As a testament to how poor they are, the only toys April has is Ramona’s old teddy bear, and the imaginary friend doll, which is kind of depressing.


Ramona: “Okay, maybe skilling at the library wasn’t the best idea.”

April: “What do you mean? I can make friends with her!”

Just take the kid and run, Mona.


Ramona: “Now remember, the quicker you finish this, the quicker I can go earn money for food.”

Several hours later:


Ramona: “And what does Mummy want for Christmas?”

April: “A bath! With bubbles!”

Your wish is my command, once we have more than £500 in the bank.


As per last chapter, Tyron is up for Father Number 2.

Ramona: “So you get what this entails, right? You can’t be my boyfriend, or move in with me.”

Tyron: “Oh great, there goes that plan- I mean, yeah. Sure, no problem.”

You’ll see what I mean soon enough, believe me.


And then April aged up early and spoiled all my skilling plans. It’s your fault if you end up with an awful trait, kid.



She had Supernatural Fan locked in, so she’s going to be butting heads with her mother a lot.


And here’s madeover!April. I really do need some more custom hairs for toddlers and children, so if anyone can recommend some sites, I’d gladly take a look.


Flirting with Tyron was not going well, to say the least.

Ramona: “So, do you like music? Any particular type?”

Tyron: “No. That’s for interesting people.”


Ramona: “Oh screw it. LOVE ME!”


Tyron: “What the hell was that?!”

Ramona: “So…you don’t love me?”


Tyron: “Why can’t we just be friends?!”

Ramona: “Pleeeaassee can we have him move in for five minutes so I can steal all his stuff and sell it?”

Ah, priorities.


Wait, an actual romantic action from this guy? Maybe there IS hope…


Ramona: “So does that mean you’ll take me to Paris?”

One thing at a time, dear.


Tyron: “So let me get this straight- you went to university, but you don’t do anything with the degree.”

Ramona: “TELL me about it…”


Ramona: “THANK YOU for finally agreeing to a date. Do you know how hard you are to contact?”

Tyron: “It’s the job. I have to harass celebrities all day, or I don’t get paid.”


Ramona: “If I pay you in nachos, will you date me then?”

Tyron: “Now you’re talking…”

Unflirty Sims. I hate them.


That only took forever. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not going to use the Master of Seduction LTR because that really would make everything too easy.


Tyron: “So does this mean we get to go to the moon for our date?”

Not quite.


Ramona: “We aren’t in Oasis Landing any more. I’ll paint you a picture of the moon instead.”


Ramona: “You just make me waste £40 on a movie. This had better be worth it.”

Think of the science, Ramona. Now get inside before he vanishes again.


Yep, it took a good hour or so for Tyron to agree to go on a date. He’d show up, stay long enough for one action, then run off again. T_T


Ramona: “Just let me take a picture, for memory’s sake.”

Tyron: “But won’t you see me again next week?”

After the annoyance you’ve been? Not a hope.


April: “We have a WASHING MACHINE now! Oh my God, look how shiny and smooth it is! Imagine how clean our clothes will be!”

Okay, now I feel guilty. We need to get you some books.


Ramona: “I’ve taken what you said into consideration: to save money on water bills, so I can save for a nice pair of red heels, I’m now throwing up outside.”


I hope the shoes are worth it.


It was then I remembered that I’d stuck a tomb in Strangetown, and hey, tombs have things to loot, right?


Ramona: “I should probably feel more guilty about ransacking an ancient piece of history, but I want those heels.”


Ramona: “Do you think I should try dragging this home? April can sleep in it when she gets a little older.”


Ramona: “AND it’s a night light. This thing is perfect.”


Speaking of April, this is what I found when I focused on her. Apparently waltzing with a robot is the best way to earn Festival Tickets.


Why is it snowing inside the temple?


Ramona: “Ugh, I don’t know, but it’s making me feel ill, all this cold…”

Sure it is…


To keep the household afloat, April is constantly painting. Since it was almost Snowflake Day, I considered holding off until then, since Laflamme Christmases have ALWAYS yielded easels, but I was getting desperate.


Aaaand Baby Number Two! I rather like that outfit, so she can keep it.


April: “Another lie in tomorrow, then?”

Yeah, but after that? Straight back to the easel. Since she aged up right at the beginning of winter, they’ve had heavy snowfall constantly, so as a result, she’s never been to school one day of her childhood.

April: “What a shame.”


Ramona: “This is what you get for a story, I’m afraid: an old science textbook from my glory days.”


Ah, being chained to a skill object. That’s how you know you’re a legacy Sim.


Similarly ha Ramona’s taken to writing non fiction novels, in the hope that’ll bring in some cash. Whether she actually gets the time to ever finish one, though, is another matter entirely.


Ramona: “Yeah, you’re all invited, even if we’ve only talked for about ten minutes on the street that one time!”

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Ramona: “All right, come and open the presents!”

Yeah, always throw Giving Day parties. You get free stuff.


Tyron: “I don’t like that guy- he keeps staring at MY girl.”

Red Jacket Woman: “Tyron! Not while we’re in a house, please! Take it outside!”


April: “Oh thank God! We have something to DO in this house now!”


Ramona: “Oh how…thoughtful. Something expensive that we can’t even use. I’m sure the Consignment Store will appreciate it.”


RJW: “Do you think you could ask your Mum to turn on the heating? It’s a little chilly in here.”

April: “With the current state of the house? We’ll be lucky if we don’t resort to dragging the duvets into the front room.”


Another great thing is the free food- Ramona got a load of that weird potato stuff she likes.


They got different gifts than the Laflammes: a teddy bear, which I decided Baby Number 2 can have, since April already has one, a weird llama thing that I thought was a toy, but apparently needs to be put together, the aforementioned expensive video game console, which got sold because they need money and they don’t even have a TV, a fancy lamp for the front room, an awesome rainbow lamp which April didn’t like, and an alarm clock. Weirdly practical, so I kept them.


Ramona: “Oh, this is perfect. We’re snowed in, too.”


Ramona: “No need to panic, sweetie. I know what to do.”

April: “But you dropped rubbish all over the floor! What if it stains the carpets?!”


Ramona: “I’m already tired of this.”

2 down, 98 to go…


Another girl!


Ramona: “Whatever, I’m done. Wake me when she’s interesting.”



And this is Beatrice Mallon! Her two traits are Couch Potato and Lovers the Outdoors, with favourites of Hot Pink, Aloo Masala curry and…epic music?

That’s all for now- I’d love to see you next time! Please drop a comment in on your way out!

~ Viki.


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