Notes From Project Dawn, Chapter Four- Minus One Triplet


Angel now has a bed, and someone got a free mirror/night light from a theatre trip. Must be a birthday in the house.


Gregor, albeit now old and grey, has been added to the wall!


Gregor: “This one can’t paint. She isn’t mine, I hope?”

April: “I don’t mind. Once you walk out that door, you’ll never be back.”

What a happy household these kids live in…


Ramona: “Y’know, I have connections down at the science lab. I bet I could get a star named after you.”

Andre: “Uh, what?”

That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.


April: “Aaand nobody cares about my birthday. Again.”

): If it’s any consolation, I do. You’re the only one making any money.


April: “I dunno, maybe this guy’s not so bad. Mum can keep him.”


And here’s her new outfit! I think she looks lovely.

April: “And that’s the cab company on the other end of the phone, getting me out of this dump!”

Love you too, kiddo. Enjoy not being an easel slave or a permanent babysitter any more.



Just a couple more shots of her face as she leaves- all I can conclude is that she’s a Ramona clone, with Tib’s nose.


The Try For Baby option in the public venues seems to be a lot less hassle than anywhere else, so sorry if the pictures are boring.


Angel’s been relegated to chore duty in the rain. Ah, the joys of not being able to afford a maid.


Bea’s helping out in her own way, though fishing isn’t really profitable very quickly. Still, anything helps. Not sure why she’s wearing pyjamas, though.

Angel: “Why not abuse that scavenger hunt opportunity I have sitting in my quest panel?”

Because this map doesn’t have any gem spawners. D:< I may resort to cheats and stick some in there.


This garden is now my new favourite place because money literally grows on trees.


Angel: “…So we can’t set the place on fire?”

Beatrice: “No. But maybe if we torch the house, we can buy better furniture with the insurance money.”


More babies! I’ve forgotten how many we have right now…


Please don’t steal the easel, repo woman. That’s the only source of income we have.


Andre: “Hug?”

Ramona: “Uh, no. I have to tell you something.”


Ramona: “You’ve contributed to the experiment. Congratulations.”

That’s an original way to tell someone they’re a father.


That’s probably not a good idea, Mona. I’m having flashbacks to the evil stereo.


Ramona: “But we can still be friends, right?”

Nah, he’s gonna be one of the “walk out the door and never come back,” guys. Which is every guy, to be honest.


And Andre gets added to the “Wall of Fame.”


I decided to take photos of the kids once they hit YA, so here’s April for you.


Oh, that was quick.


Beatrice: “Oh, this again?”

You aren’t even the tiniest bit concerned?

Beatrice: “Nah. I have grades to keep up.”


Beatrice: “And this is Beatrice Mallon live from that ramshackle dump of a house on the edge of the city…”


Beatrice: “According to the weather report, it’s going to be sunny tomorrow. Which is pretty normal, y’know, since we live in a desert.”


Meanwhile, in the bathroom:


It’s a girl! This probably stopped being interesting about two chapters ago,


Ramona: “There’s more?!”



you were supposed to be triplets


So yes, twin girls that I’m pretty sure aren’t identical, and no ginger hair this time! This is Catrin, who has the Brave and Good traits, and favourites of Soul music, Spaghetti with Veggie Sauce, and the colour grey.


Her sister, Delphine, is Good and Clumsy, and likes Indie music, Stu Surprise and Violet. It’s annoying they aren’t triplets, but I’ll take what I can get.


Tyron: “Ah, I remember when I was young and pretty…and could afford a coat.”

Yeah, he can’t really stalk Ramona at the moment, since she’s forced to stay in the house because they can’t afford a babysitter, and it’s against the rules of the challenge.


And another birthday gone completely unnoticed. At least he’ll be useful now.



Well look who grew up pretty! And yeah, I realise I forgot about his glasses. I could have sworn I amended this and took a photo, but now I can’t find it, so they’ll be back next chapter. His fourth trait is Virtuoso.


I feel this is the perfect example of this house in one screenshot: mess, screaming toddlers and forgotten birthdays.


Bailey gets the cool futuristic outfit and sandals because he’s eccentric, I guess? His third trait is Workaholic.


Yeah, now that Angel’s a teen, he’s resident babysitter and handyman. It must be fun growing up in this house.


The one gem on the entire map. It feels like a conspiracy to keep them poor.


I think the best thing about the festivals is not only the flower spawners and the fact the tickets can be sold, but free food and bathroom facilities, so the kids can stay there all day!


Ramona: “And what is this legacy?”

Catrin: “A joke!”

Ramona: “That’s right, well done!”


Beatrice: “So you have a job? And money? Yeah, what’s that like?”

Bea’s making friends with strangers because she’s so desperate to get out of the house.


Beatrice: “I swear, that isn’t one of ours. And look, something that’ll keep us in food for the rest of the week!”


Floating Kid: “What, yours haven’t figured this out yet? Amateurs?”


Bailey is the new easel slave, so we’ll see how that goes.


Ramona: “How’d you like to be my next specimen?”

We’re still working on those pick up lines. Since I can’t use the Master of Seduction LTW, I’m attempting to do it the old fashioned way.


Ramona: “I hope you can paint. It’ll be more useful than a computer science degree.”


Bailey: “I’m bored of this, can’t I do something else?”

I think it might be wise to give him a break: he’s painted the exact same picture three times in a row.

I’m going to leave it here: please leave a comment or like before you go!

~ Viki.


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