Notes From Project Dawn, Chapter Six- Arresting an Angel

Welcome back!


That picture of Lu is horrible, so I’m going to get a phone picture- those ARE the bigger prints.


Yeah, the state of the house would make me throw up too.


Washing Machine: “That’s what you get for insulting me.”


Ramona: “NOT YOU TOO?!”

Yeah. Sleep deprivation’s fun. isn’t it?


Ramona: “I’m just going to say if I can’t see it, it isn’t there. It’s my new life philosophy.”

Does that include your daughter?

Ramona: “Until she can help pay the bills? Yes.”


Delphine: “Shows what you know. I’ve been making my own clothes since I was six.”

That explains the top made out of an old curtain then.

Ramona: “Looks like I’m not going to stop being poor any time soon.”

6 down, 94 to go.


Here’s an actual picture of Angel with his glasses on, since I keep forgetting he has them.


I can’t say much for his prom outfit, though.

Angel: “The way I see it, if I leave my glasses at home, I won’t be able to see all the creeps asking me to dance. Or someone will take pity on the poor boy who keeps walking into walls, and will dance with me for my own safety.”


Go home, random child. We don’t need to acquire any more of you.


Catrin: “Have you noticed there’s a bunch of rare gems spawning in our back garden now?”

Ramona: “Yes, dear. That’s the only reason we can afford to eat this week.”


I think this is one of my favourite outfits. She looks adorable.


Angel came back from prom, and no, he didn’t get arrested for that. Despite the lonely picture, he did get a girlfriend!


You’ll see her later, since they invited her over at some point.


I should probably make this the new header picture. I think at this point they had something like 106 simoleans in the bank.


Delphine: “…So that means no heels, right?”

Don’t worry. you’re safe.


Ah, here’s Sheila! After I got rid of her hideous outfit, she’s really pretty.


I approve!


Delphine: “Does Bailey get a pool for his birthday?”

Nope. We can’t even buy a cake.



Why are all these kids ridiculously pretty? Bailey rolled Irresistible for his fourth trait, which is an interesting mix, so I tried to get the outfit to reflect that.


In the meantime, Beatrice has been added to the wall!


As has Lu! That’s a much better picture.


Tyron hasn’t given up yet, but is slowly inching towards death, so there’s that.


He’s taken to flirting with random neighbours instead, which can only be an improvement. Thankfully, since he seems incapable of dressing appropriately for deep snow, pneumonia seems likely.


Ramona’s been glued to the TV with the stereo on in the background, in the hope that it’ll trigger triplets without resorting to spending those precious LTH points, since the ambrosia route seems to be going nowhere.


TV: “Haha, how about no.”


Catrin: “This is supposed to be a park? I was expecting something a little more spectacular.”

Delphine: “Yeah, where’s the swings?”

Guys, you live in a desert in the middle of  nowhere because the rest of the world is drowning in pollutants and incessant meteor showers. Be glad you have your tiny bit of scrubland!


Ramona: “The TV dying on me was a warning, huh?”


Ramona: “And if I can’t have anything to distract this kid, who’ll get anything done around here?”

Ashton may have been a better parent than you. I’m surprised.


Baby Number 7 is Ellery Mallon, who isn’t a clone! Her first two traits are Loves the Outdoors and Good, with favourites of Latin, Tri-Tip Tofu Steak, and the colour grey. AGAIN.


I feel this house is deliberately breaking everything today. Please don’t kill off the founder, appliances. She still has 93 babies to go.


Oh God. Don’t say the door’s broken now, too.


Justin: “Nope, just here to see my girlfriend that I’ve known for all of five minutes.”


This looks like one of the most awkward hugs I’ve ever seen.

Justin: “A little help? I’m glitching into her hair here…”



She should be marketing that.


Well that didn’t take long.


Ramona: “Well my day has just gone from fantastic to awful.”

I’m just glad it didn’t kill you. Failing this early on would be humiliating. Now go and shower, for God’s sake.


Ramona: “…Do I still have to fix it?”

Yes. We can’t afford repair bills.


The Mallon household, in one screenshot. Shouting, dirty laundry, and broken sleep schedules.


Catrin: “Wait, he can do magic tricks now?”

Angel: “Don’t care, it’s too early for this.”

Catrin: “No, you might want to take a look, actually.”

Delphine: “Eh, I’ve seen better things from the street magicians in the park.”

Bailey: “Maybe I should be a street magician. Good way of earning money, that.”


They’re trying to be cool. Bless.


This looks like the result of some dodgy sleepwalking episode.

Angel: “You can laugh, but if that TV works, we can pay the bills this week.”


Oh. Well that worked.

Angel: “Joke’s on you. I got the TV. And a broken chair.”


Ramona: “It’s 6 am, why were they arresting you?!”

Angel: “Apparently I missed the end of curfew by about two seconds. I don’t know what they were worried about- it’s not like I managed to get any jewels or anything.”

Ramona: “You disappoint me.”

She’s joking, I promise.


If you’d just aged up before you went scavenging, this could have all been avoided. And if I’d bothered to learn what time curfew finishes, but that’s not the point.



Angel: “Well, that was anti-climatic-“


Angel: “…What?”

You’re supposed to be 18, not 40.


Much better! His final trait is Family Oriented, and I had to get rid of his lovely CC hair because I’m going to upload him to the Exchange later.


Ramona seems so choked up at her eldest son moving out.

Ramona: “Told you. Instant heartbreak cure.”

I had to cut this chapter for length, so the saga will continue next time! Any comments are greatly appreciated!

~ Viki.


2 thoughts on “Notes From Project Dawn, Chapter Six- Arresting an Angel

    • They really need more toddler hair and clothes in the Store- there’s practically none of it, and I’m a little wary of dodgy CC, so the kids will have to live with the awful dungarees for now. ):


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