Notes From Project Dawn, Chapter 8- A Pink Monstrosity

Welcome back!


Bailey: “Why is there a dead child in our house?”

Quite honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner.

Ramona: “Both of you, stop it. We’re in a different neighbourhood now, you need to be more open minded. This is one of our neighbours.”

Bailey: “…Who just walked through our table.”

And mysteriously made the rings on the hob all flat and 2D. Spooky.


Ghost Girl: “I only came for the TV, but yours looks like it was ripped straight out of the 90s. No thanks. I’m gonna go sneak into the cinema.”


If you didn’t notice before, the gem spawners are working. That’s the only reason they’re eating.


Catrin: “Is that a new feature? Death by soap?”

No, but I’m a little worried. No Handiness skill and all that water…we actually need you lot to survive the challenge, you know.


This really is a miracle. Ellery’s in the right bed. I cannot tell you how much I hate the bedtime story option. 


Ramona, you can actually afford a bed. Your camping days are over. I hope.


Ramona: “Oh, hey, sweetheart, nice to see you too-“


Ramona: “Wait, what?”


Ramona: “This isn’t fun.” ):

I figured I’d let her be old for a while, since there’s no point wasting time as a YA when there’s no more room for kids right now.


So in the meantime, she can seduce Robby. While her daughter sleeps two feet away.

Delphine: “Maybe he’s rich…if she marries him, he could build us a bedroom…”

Keep dreaming.


Robby: “I don’t understand the fitness freaks in this town. Just one zombie chasing them on the full mood, and they’re sprinting across town. Idiots, I tell you.”


Ramona: “That’s interesting…you ever thought about witch hunting as a form of exercise. Burns lots of calories!”

“Enthuse about witch hunts,” is rarely an appropriate topic of conversation, Ramona. Especially not in Midnight Hollow, of all places.

Ramona: “I’m just trying to save them from their delusions. Everyone knows witches aren’t real.”

You lived in Strangetown, which was famous for its aliens. What about those?

Ramona: “Face paint. And contacts.”


You’ll go travelling eventually. You know, when you actually have money.


On a brighter note, this guy looks interesting.

Ramona: “Just ignore the bug infestation. That’s really getting to be a problem lately…”

Bailey: “Not if it’s keeping the house heated, it isn’t.”


Bailey: “What was so important you dragged me outside at 7 am to talk?”

Ellery: “I go to school with two ghosts and a werewolf. Can you make me a pair of faerie wings?”

At least someone’s taking the move well.


This is literally all the kids have been doing, and it’s helping the monetary situation a lot. Also this is an adorable photo.


Also, Nuthatch as this bird is apparently called, seems to have set up permanent residence here. I wonder if we can actually bring him inside.


Oh God. Tyron #2 is back, even here.


Pony: “Hey, guys. Just checking out the crazy spawners you guys are supposed to have around here.”

Ellery: “Oh, thanks, that’s nice.”


Other Two: “Hey, wait for us! Don’t hog all the wild flowers for yourself!”


Delphine: “So if I beg, will you let me keep you and brush your mane and plait ribbons into it…”

Run, horse, as fast as you can.





So Florence got Neurotic, which is probably a side effect of Ramona’s parenting style- “The best I can, but someone’s going to fall through the cracks.”


Cody turned out a little better. He rolled Equestrian.

Cody: “Haha, I’m more well adjusted than you!”


Thanks to the deluge of gems, the girls actually have a room now! It’s pretty sparse looking, but 20k isn’t a lot.


You know a town is dead literally and figuratively when the allotment is the most popular hangout spot. That little house is just a box with a table and chair in it, by the way. God knows why.


Ramona: “You know, when I was young and pretty, I always wanted to be an astronaut.”

Liar. You wanted to have a fancy office job and mess about with computers all day.

Ramona: “Sssh, I think he’s impressed.”


Ramona: “I told you so!”

Well at least she’s being productive.


Wow, that’s harsh. She’s only ten, she has no fashion sense yet.

Catrin: “I’ve just realised how long the boys have had a room when we haven’t.”

Don’t kill me! In my defence, we had more boys than girls at one point.


Map view was looking exceptionally pretty today, even with the random splodges that are puddles littered about everywhere,


Ramona: “I guess we could use another lamp? Or maybe a rug…”

Yeah, she’s been in the house too long.


A massive pile of laundry, siblings in pyjamas, and a birthday. Sounds about right.


Shut up, Cody. She looks better than you do.


Quite pleased with the outfit. She rolled Schmoozer as her fourth trait. Plus her hair took forever to find and redownload…

Ellery: “Trust me, I’m grateful.”


Wow, I’m impressed. In the right beds, twice in one chapter. This is a miracle.


I knew it wouldn’t last. Cody’s officially the unfavourite from now on.


This lighting mod is a godsend. I put in on my Mods page, go and download it for Midnight Hollow. The skies are so much prettier and you can actually see now!


Oh yeah, there was enough money to build a bathroom on the second floor, in all its pink glory.


Bus Driver: “That’s okay, take as long as you like. It’s not as if anyone’s waiting or anything.”


God, the house is a monstrosity. A pink monstrosity.


I’m still using leftover gifts for decorations because we can’t afford real ones. Or decent shoes, thanks for that, Ellery.


I don’t know where she got the car from. It’s probably Justin’s.

Ramona: “Can I paint this pink too? It doesn’t match, otherwise.”

Go wild.


Ramona: “So where is this guy? And why am I meeting him in a deserted park in the middle of the pouring rain?”

See, this is why you don’t agree to dates over the phone.

I’ll leave it here for now- if anyone could leave a comment, I’d appreciate it!

~ Viki.


4 thoughts on “Notes From Project Dawn, Chapter 8- A Pink Monstrosity

  1. Oh, bedtime stories and sims using the wrong bed. Almost as annoying as scolding. One day I might uninstall Generations, although it’s probably a bit late to be bothering. Definitely my least favourite EP though.


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