Notes From Project Dawn- Status Report- 10% Complete


As per our agreement, I am sending my requested status report. At time of writing, 10% of my task has been completed. 10 subjects have been born in the name of Project Dawn.



It has not been entirely smooth sailing. The early days were difficult financially and emotionally. Though I was more fortunate than most legacy subjects, a roof over my head did not solve all of my problems.


With a legacy in the usual sense, founders are encouraged to leave and seek an employment and a spouse as soon as they have touched down in their respective neighbourhoods. While it is true that I had to find a partner, I was unable to form a lasting connection or companionship with him, leaving me to bring up my children alone.


This was hampered by my lack of employment. Though I did not have to suffer the indignity of nurturing a child on a plot of land with a few scattered bits of furniture, the bills were also a struggle.




My solution was to scavenge. Old junk yard furniture, scrap metal, gemstones, seeds, even selling various bugs to the Science Facility. My saving grace was the abundant wild flowers that grew on the Festival Grounds. In the earliest days, they were the only reason I survived. Please ask your scientist to include more gem spawners in their next project.


I regret to report that I had to leave Strangetown early , preceding the births of subjects C2 and F1.



Though on paper, a complete move to Strangetown appeared a viable idea, in practice, it did not work. I am aware that the town was newly settled in preparation for our arrival, there were several problems with its infrastructure. The aforementioned problems with the gem spawners, the out of control weather patterns and lack of employment in the town, among other things, that meant it began to stagnate.


Therefore, I applied to transfer to the next location a little earlier than I had previously planned. This was not in any way ideal, as we were forced to set up home in a pair of tents on the edge of the plot of land provided whilst the house was rebuilt.


Needless to say, it was fortunate that the safety of F1 and C2 was not compromised. Better resources are vital in instances like these, lest the entire project suffers. However, by the time the subjects were toddlers, the situation had been rectified. Subjects A1, B1 and A2 have remained in Strangetown in order to arrange job transfers, and will be joining us as soon as possible. At time of writing, the first seven subjects have aged to eighteen and can be considered successes. Currently, E1, F1, C2 and G1 remain in the house under my care. The aforementioned seven have made no notable advances to date.


As for Midnight Hollow itself, I cannot complain. Its inhabitants are somewhat unusual, yet have been extremely welcoming. I can assume that when you have ghosts for co-workers, a woman with ten children is far from extraordinary.


The people in town, are, to their credit, extremely diverse. There are a considerable number of supernatural creatures and varying appearances within the neighbourhood, and this can only be a positive thing for the future of Project Dawn.

My only concern is that the town appeared a little gloomy upon arrival, but I have been assured that Sunrise Inc has rectified this.

I will report in once there has been another 10% increase in progress.


Ramona Mallon,

Notes from Project Dawn.