Notes From Project Dawn, Chapter 13 – Where the Sims are Undead and Rainbows Glitch Through Mountains

So I’m back! I’m well aware it’s been a stupidly long time, and I apologise. NfPD will be finished, I promise you that. Also, I really, really want to do a more story based legacy, a Differences in the Family Tree one, as well as telling the stories of NPCs ala Strangetown, Here We Come, which is fantastic and an absolute must read. I’ve been playing the Ursine’s lately, and it was so interesting, it felt like a shame not to share it. Let me know if you guys want to read them; I might start earlier than planned if there’s enough interest.


Well at least there’s good news somewhere!


According to my notes, this is the sixteenth. Good thing I found some more maternity clothes.


It’s a miracle; everything is clean for once.


Wow, look at all those beautiful pixels. Come to think of it, why aren’t there any TV dinners any more? They should be a staple food for these kids.


I’m not sure who this is, so assume it’s an aged paparazzi with nothing better to do.


Oh, so now the aliens appear. Where were they when I was trying to knock Harvey up back in Gen 8? Damn game.


That’s no good, Ramona. You’ll just end up kidnapped and used as a test subject, like Bella Goth.

Ramona: ‘No different to now, really.’


Oh my God, Ilse’s face. Poor baby.

Harper: ‘I don’t know who did this to you, but I will kill them. Just say the word.’

Bonehilda: ‘Ditto.’


Harper: ‘I really hope you’re so angry just because you’ve got triplets in there. And not because the house is a mess.’

That or she’s somehow equated anger to skilling.


Paparazzi: ‘This could be sold for millions; my first big break! CHILD DOES HOMEWORK!’

Ilse: ‘I get enough of this at home, thanks.’


Oh God. Please don’t tell me that’s Darron.


I have a horrible feeling that it is.


Florence: ‘Yeah, well, if that bitch comes after my husband, I’ll fight her. Hat and all.’

I don’t doubt you.

Ramona: ‘Oh hey, time for a quick diversion tactic.’

Ramona: ‘Oh come on, look at him! Can you blame me?’

Florence: ‘Dammit, Mother, yes I can. Get out of here!’

Darron: ‘Don’t glare at me, I wasn’t going to do anything!’

Florence: ‘You let her in here, that was enough!’


Florence: ‘God, I think I’m going to throw up. My mother and my husband…’


Florence: ‘Sod this. I’m done for today.’

Darron: ‘Don’t worry, babe. We have a nicer house, no way am I living in that hideous pink thing.’

So there may be hope yet.


Ramona: ‘…I don’t think I’m going to make it to the hospital; this one’s coming quickly, and there aren’t any cabs around. Well, it’ll do. Nice and quiet, roomy too…’


Ramona: ‘On the other hand, they actually have science at the hospital. My one true love…all those sparkling clean lab beakers and sterile equipment…’


Ramona: ‘Yeah, I’m out.’

That painting is judging you so hard right now.


Ramona: ‘La di da da da…’


Ramona: ‘No need to rush…’


Ramona: ‘Just going for a nice drive to the hospital, in the late stages of labour, after trying it on with my daughter’s husband…’


At least she’s well co-ordinated.


Ramona: ‘I really should get this umbrella fixed – need to put it somewhere it won’t drip, as well.’

So are you just forgetting about the baby, or…?


Oh, there we go.


It’s a boy!


And no, this isn’t a mistakenly grabbed photo of Angel.


He’s such a little clone. Our 16th is Ezra Mallon, who is a genius that loves outdoors, and favourites of yellow/country music/cobbler.


In other news, Kay has lost it. Must be the haircut, I really need some CC hair.


She’s awfully cute, though.


Poor Ilse. With all the pale lighting in Moonlight Hollow, she just blends in.

Ilse: ‘Hey! Mermaid, not ghost. Get it right.’


Kay takes after me already; eyesight so bad, she needs glasses from three feet away.


Must be Midnight Hollow, where all the Sims look undead and rainbows glitch through mountains.


Surprisingly, a lot of the kids like fishing, so I packed them off with Ilse for some money making sibling bonding. She looks like such a proud big sister.


December: ‘So…you going to read me a story?’

That isn’t your bed.

December: ‘Or my house.’


Nice try, Harper, but you’re a little young for that.


Ramona: ‘What day is it? What year? What town are we in?’

Sleep deprivation can do that to a girl. And excessive childbirth, I guess.


Gail: ‘And here’s my rebellious phase. Go me; Mum’s going to flip.’

Actually, I quite like it. It suits you.


Lighting mod~! Ilse fits into Midnight Hollow perfectly.


Gail is basically a mother to her little sisters, and she does a damn sight better job of it than Ramona, even if January’s still wearing her hat. At least it’s the right bed.


See? She’s such a bad mother, she can’t even provide a ceiling for her kids.


Gail: ‘Why do you think Jan’s wearing the hat? She’s a smart kid. Sweet girl: just wish Mum was around to see it.’


Kay could probably use her attention, too. She’s more than a bit loopy.


The annual book club and a kid trying to strangle herself. Welcome to Midnight Hollow.


Cody: ‘So get this: I’ve created a rocket ship, that’ll get us to the moon. We can harvest it for space rocks and minerals and…’

Mikey: ‘Didn’t we pass the tent he was living in on a walk the other day, Gail?’

Gail: ‘Yes. Yes we did.’


So basically: gorgeous lighting shots, and Cody’s still a loser.


But at least I have a decent photo of him this time.


Upon pondering, I can only conclude this must be Florence’s son? I have no idea what his name is, though.


And so January ages up alone. In the bathroom. Classy.


Continuing the family tradition of glitching in an ugly outfit.


Her new one, on the other hand, is much prettier.


Still yellow eyes, but not a clone! Success!


Meanwhile, in Sunset Valley…



Two red-haired twins, raising their alien half sister, while their mother tries to become a criminal mastermind. Such is the woes of the Ursine family, whose story I really hope I can tell.

That’s all for now; please leave a comment after the tone.

~ Viki.


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