Notes from Project Dawn – Chapter 15 – Florence Wins This Round

I actually kept my promise this time! Also I just posted the neighbourhood poll for the next round of kids, so please go and vote. Ramona’s life depends on it! Sort of. Or she’ll just end up in Twinbrook, which is funny for me, not so much for her.


So back to stalking strange men. I think his name is Jin. Or it is now.

Ramona: ‘That’s such a pretty name! Mine means “goddess of the moon,” and it suits me so well, don’t you think?’


Jin: ‘Uh, ma’am, I’m a linguistics professor, and no, it doesn’t. It means “wise protector,” and it’s probably Spanish – ‘



Jin: ‘What’s the point in lying?! You aren’t going to impress me.’

Ramona: ‘Did I mention I have a degree in Computer Science?’


Ramona: ‘Tell me what you see. I’ll turn it into code.’

Jin: ‘So perhaps I was wrong…she may have some flickering of intelligence…’

Nope, run while you can and before I remember your real name.


Jin: ‘My apologies. It appears we got off to a bad start.’


Ramona: ‘Apology accepted.’

In the most invasive way possible.


Jin: ‘What the hell was that?! I barely know you!’

Ramona: ‘You’re breaking my heart, here. We’ve been friends for weeks!’

Jin: ‘That isn’t the point!’


Ramona: ‘Well, if you really feel that way, I can always find someone else to help me with this experiment. See that traveller guy over there? He’s pretty cute.’

TG: ‘Oh, Miss Ramona, if only you knew how I long for you…’

Jin: ‘Well wait just a second! Maybe I can reconsider…’

If only because you’re single, lonely, and close to death.



An almost kiss and shacking up in a cinema. How romantic.


Well that didn’t take long.


I finally figured out why she’s so damn attached to that formal wear; it’s her Proper trait bleeding through. December, on the other hand, opts for his workout clothes. In minus 16 degrees Celsius.

December: ‘It’s cool, no one can tell I’ve got hypothermia anyway.’


Ramona: ‘Oh great, a celebrity can see me puke in the gutter. Maybe he’ll remember me now.’

On the one hand, he has very pretty blue eyes. On the other, he’s Catrin’s boyfriend. Is it worth it?


So Christmas arrived, I threw a party, and nothing happened except family members. Ilse managed to fly under the radar, but Delphine…


Delphine: ‘Oh God – Mum, call Jin, tell him to get over here so he can come to the hospital with me, I don’t know how long either of us have!’

Ramona: ‘Wait, wait, Jin…long hair? Green t shirt?’

Delphine: ‘YES, my boyfriend and the father of this kid, which I don’t want to be born on the bathroom floor! CALL HIM!’

Ramona: ‘Oooh Christ…’

On the bright side, at least it wasn’t Darron. And I had no idea about this until now, in genuine honesty. Not until I saw that Death had spared Jin long enough to see his child via Delphine born. Apparently he doesn’t give a shit about Ramona, which is completely understandable.


Ramona: ‘Might as well try and do something useful, since she wouldn’t let me in there with her.’

Yeah, maybe Jin died on the way over. He didn’t turn up.


I forgot the kid’s name it’s actually Kenny, but we’ll check in on him when he’s a bit more interesting.


Felix grew up with no fanfare for some reason, but he rolled Neurotic, which means every time he trips over or walks into something, he’ll be down A and E thinking he broke every bone in his body. Wonderful. But on the bright side, he’s shaping up to be a pretty good artist.


He’s just sad and lonely while his older siblings head off to prom, and his mother screams in pain.


Here we go again.


Ramona: ‘Great, just the one! Now I can sleep with Darron and really piss Florence off.’

???: ‘Not quite.’


Catrin: ‘You can’t ignore your other daughter, Mother. Don’t forget I work here now.’

Yeah, Ramona straight up tried to abandon the twin at the hospital. Luckily Catrin knew what was up and brought her home.


So on the left is Lynette, unloved from birth because her mother wants to steal her daughter’s husband. She’s Brave and Disciplined, who likes disco music, aloo masala curry and the colour white.

The adorable ball of sunshine to your right is Garth, the older twin, who’s an Artistic Slob who might actually make us some money. Rap/spaghetti with veggie sauce/lilac. At least your mother loves you.


So prom was…interesting. January got a pop up saying she was going steady with someone called Elisha, which I thought was cool because I’ve never actually had a gay Sim apart from Cass. So I checked the relationship panel, and THIS is Elisha. I feel cheated.


Poor December failed miserably and a got a Face One girl called Mayra, so I ran her through the randomiser in CAS.


Eh, she’ll do for now. I’ll set December up with someone better.


Ezra, on the other hand…


Yeah, don’t let this one get away.


Even if she has no idea how to dress herself.


Ezra: ‘So Aleshia, how about making this official?’

Aleshia (I think): ‘Sure, why not? My boyfriend’s a moron anyway.’

A home wrecker, just like his mother. But seriously, look at her made over:


Yeah, we want those genetics.


I guess now Ilse’s gone, the family has moved on to other targets. Not that December cares.


But hey, at least January’s classy about it.


Wait, what are you doing? You have the synthesizer, remember?

Ramona: ‘Yes, but Ilse got me thinking. I am supposed to be a mother, after all. They need some sort of nourishment.’

Even if it’s burnt spaghetti?

Ramona: ‘It’s a work in progress.’


Three seconds later:

Ramona: ‘Oh God, Ilse, what made you think I wanted to talk to you?’

Yeah, you’re a bad mother.


Combined with December being an adorable cinnamon roll, Ezra finding the prettiest girl in Midnight Hollow, and Felix’s paintings, the boys are my favourite at the moment. Shame we aren’t doing heir polls any more.


Ezra: ‘So once that guy leaves, I’ll be able to put my revenge into place.’

Say what now?


Ezra: ‘Oh, you’ll see…’


Ezra: ‘Take that, Caleb! For daring to date my girlfriend before I even met her!’

Your aim is impressive from that far away, I’ll give you that.

Ezra: ‘But wait…why isn’t the wish being granted?’

I don’t know, the house says Winchester, that’s his surname.

Ezra: ‘Shit.’


Ezra: ‘THIS is where the rich creeper lives?! That’s not fair! I just egged an old man’s house and I can’t reach Caleb’s front door from here!’

Bless him. He tried.


Felix: ‘You know, I’m beginning to feel this room is a prison, designed specifically for me. I never leave, just paint…the acrid smell seeping into my nose…the colours swirling before my eyes…’

Yeah, that’s because you’re the only one making money. Off you go.


Kay: ‘I just realised – no more toddlers until after I’ve moved out! I can finally achieve my dreams of CEO! NO CHILDREN!’

Garth: ‘But I thought you loved me!’

Kay: ‘Only when I’m obligated to.’


Ezra: ‘Hmm, I wonder where Aleshia is. Sure is cold, too; weird place for a date.’

???: ‘Hi ~ !’


Ezra: ‘Wait, who the hell are you? Where’s my girlfriend?’

Mayra: ‘I may have stolen her phone. I made a mistake at prom – I wanted to talk to you, not your freak brother.’

Ezra: ‘Oh, because that’s really going to make me like you, isn’t it?’

Mayra: ‘So you’re okay with him talking to himself, all mopey in the corner? Last I heard, he was lamenting about soap operas.’

Ezra: ‘Uh, he’s my brother and I love him, and if you dare try anything to hurt him, you’ll regret it. I’m a genius, I have my ways.’

Mayra: ‘Whoa, okay. You’re scaring me.’


Mayra: ‘So did I ever tell you my name means “goddess of the moon – ” ‘

Go home, Mayra.

Ezra: ‘And expect a breakup text from December.’


Back home, January aged up, but Kay found the door more interesting.


Her final trait is Genius, and she turned out very pretty. Hopefully she can have a good life.


And up her portrait goes.


Lynette: ‘So did you ever use that degree?’

Ramona: ‘…I’d rather not talk about it.’

And as we come to the end, have some spares:


Damn guys, again? I think the baby’s name was Kizzy. We can go see them next chapter.


So Cody isn’t a complete loser!


Catrin finds love again! Her boyfriend was the guy watching Ramona throw up in the park; he was considered for the challenge (he had lovely blue eyes) but died at Christmas, so Catrin dodged that bullet.


Wait, you’re still alive? Hooray!

Okay, so I’m leaving it there. Please vote on the poll; I can’t do the next chapter until you do! I’ll close it once the next chapter’s done, since the all kids need to grow up to YA before Ramona can move. You can vote anywhere you like, so please take five seconds out of your day! And as usual, I’d love to hear your comments.

~ Viki.


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