CC and Mods List

As promised, here is the CC and mod list, so anyone can go snag stuff if they want it!


 Story Progression (Twallan) – I consider this game unplayable without it

 Master Controller (Twallan) – really useful for managing the game.

Portrait Panel–  (Twallan) – allows you to see more portraits if you have over 8 Sims in the household, really useful for big families.

Debug Enabler (Twallan) – not quite sure what it does overall- I think it unlocks debug actions? I mostly used it for the meteor pictures in the prologue, so good for storytelling, I guess.

Painting Replacement– replaces the default paintings with unique ones as opposed to the in game ones. Adds a little variety, but this does take up a LOT of space.

Midnight Hollow Lighting Mod– because you can’t see a thing without it.


Strangetown TS3 Revamp– Exactly what it says on the tin: this is the neighbourhood I’m using.

Skysims Hair Toddler 163– April’s toddler hair.

Long V-Neck Babydoll Tee for Teens and (Young) Adult Females– Ramona’s maternity top.

Newsea Jump Toddler Hair– Angel’s toddler hair.

Hairstyle by YU– Angel’s child and teen hair and Bailey’s toddler hair.


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