Chapter List

Chapter One- Five Minutes In and I’m Already Cheating
Chapter Two- The Woes of Wooing Tyron
Chapter Three- The Magical Garden of Free Things
Chapter Four- Minus One Triplet
Chapter Five- Type-0 is More Important Than Witty Titles
Chapter Six- Arresting an Angel
Chapter Seven- Those Pyjamas Are a Work of Art
Chapter Eight- A Pink Monstrosity
Chapter Nine- The Delphine Show, Guest Starring the Evil Legacy Items Club (and Cody)
Chapter Ten- The Amazing Vanishing Triplet
Chapter Eleven- The Gnomes Have Their Show Back
Chapter Twelve- Starring Cody as Himself
Chapter Thirteen- Where the Sims are Undead, and Rainbows Glitch Through Mountains
Chapter 14 – We Ain’t Dead Yet
Chapter 15 – Florence Wins This Round
Chapter Sixteen – I Swear the Hiatus Was Unintentional
Chapter Seventeen – Into the Valley of Death
Chapter 18 – Lucky for Some


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